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Please don’t order off this website unless you msg me with a heads up to 

All outfits on this site are available at my other sites (below).  Take note of the outfit names so as to search them on my main sites. 

Why?  I may not see the order in PayPal cause I get very few orders here.  My main website is  Or if you prefer is a clone store.


CLICK ANY LINK TO SEE MORE STYLES & COLORS.   Each menu item below has many different designs only one is shown here.

Quality Guarantee-All thongs are lined.  All outfits are hand made custom designs made with the highest quality spandex 4 way stretch fabric prewashed to remove chemical sizing.  Returns & Exchanges are welcome.

 I use Spandex World & Sy Fabrics. I use 4 way stretch.  Excepting some stain spandex is 2 way stretch.   If you want to choose your own fabric go to those websites and send me a photo of fabric.  Message me for answer in 24 hours at That's my message board on my Etsy website.  I generally answer all messages(unless they are spam).

All the Outfits at

  1.  Bra Sets
Hot Pink Bra Set Available at

2. Clearance Section

3. Booty/Boy Shorts Sets  

Hi waist scrunch butt/crop top see thru & thong-Red
Draping Cowl Neck & Boy Shorts Neon Orange comes in any color.

5.Bikini Scrunch Butt

Full bottom scrunch butt. Beaded with triangle top hand made exoticwear. Neon Green

4.Black Outfits Only


6. Crop Top Thong Sets

Hot Pink Crop Top w/Hour glass hole and spider thong, rhinestones.
This is a see thru crop top with authentic crystals studded backs not glued. With a simple thong. All thongs are lined of coarse.

7. Cage Outfits

4 way stretch, lined thong, metal chains, applique studs sewn & glued.

Click to see all the fetish-cage-outfits/designs

8.  Hoodies Sets Stripper Exoticwear

This Hoodie excels above any you can buy online…the fabric is the absolute best available spandex and net. The seams are double, triple and more. This is the seamstress & designers #2 recommendation.

9.  Quad Thong Sets

10. Onesies (One Piece Outfits w/thong)

Onesies. Belly Chain sold separately in Jewelry section.

11.  Jewelry Belly Chains

Jewelry and belly chains. Hips Chains. Belly Chains sold separate from outfits.

12.  Sling Shot Sets

13.  Thong Sets Simple

14.  Tube Top Sets

15.  Ties on the Side Sets

Seamstress’s Favorite Design. The photos don’t do this outfit justice. Any I generally make the ties longer than shown here. I recommend this outfit. Click to see more colors.



16.  Pure Gold Outfits


Etsy Store Link Crop Top Thong Sets

Etsy Store Quad Thongs

Etsy Cleans Up Unto Pristine Another Ruthless Hack

Ruthless Hackers Attack Etsy Sellers

The “Unpaid Item” Hack

Problem-Hackers exploited the “alternative payment options” in Etsy seller payment options.  The sale goes through, item not ever paid, buyers still able to leave bad reviews and open cases against the shop for “item not received” even though it was never paid for.

Solution-Etsy will remove the option for alternative payments on 10-16-2020.

Etsy has also diligently cleared up all cases and erased the unfair bad reviews that were mean to intimidate sellers into shipping items that were not paid for just to get the case and the review off their shops.

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I Made the Big Time!

My main website is See All my designs at

Unfortunately my quad thong design was copied instead of me making the one this famous woman on Starz major network is wearing.  This is clearly my design but not my sewing or stud work.

I rarely use any printed fabrics except zebra and leopard.  You can choose any fabric 4 way stretch at nylon milliskin matte or shiney are my favorites.  In print or solid colors.  Msg me at  Shop at

Like I told the girl who showed me this and recognized it as my work when it comes to clothes designs everybody copies everybody, it was bound to happen sooner or later.  Its a compliment my outfit was shown on Starz a major network!

Buy quad thongs here or order this exact outfit custom by email at

If you email me send me a link to the photo of outfit you want custom made.  It may be easier to send photos by click contact but you have to log in to etsy for this msg center.

Belly Chain Crystal & Silver w/Lobster Clasp $38

Belly Chain Hand Made One of a Kind

In the Package=Striking Belly Chain has 3 Silver Diamond Rhinestone Glass Charms set in silver color setting.  Two-Three charms on end are diamond shaped with small rhinestones embedded.  Shiny bling Lobster Clasp. Stainless steel chain is adjustable 30″ to 42″ Hips, Exotic wear Body jewelry.  (chain may vary slightly)



Belly Chain Comes in your Size.  Choose size and add to cart to purchase PayPal secure checkout.


Juniors/Women’s Sizes

Hand Made 3 giant glass rhinestones set in silver, silver chain lobster clasp and diamond shaped blind charm on end
$38 Hand Made Belly Chain with 3 giant 1 1/2″ Glass stones on silver chain with charm on the end (see pink outfit for view of charm on end) and lobster clasp.
Hand Made Belly Chain Stripper Jewelry Outfit sold here

Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Stripper Outfit & Leather and Lacz

Table of Contents

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Size chart

Customized Bra Sets

Processing time

Estimated Shipping Times

Customs and Import Tax

Returns and Exchanges

Questions about your Order

How to get a better price on your custom made exotic-wear outfit.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Why So Expensive? (quality)

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Custom Made Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls Outfit

Outfit below made according to photo by and

Size Jrs U.S.

CONTACT SEAMSTRESS AT this Msg System Link at for 24hr or less time, response. If you want different colors or style.

I can make any of these Ice Cheerleader outfits Custom from photo

Google Ice Hockey Cheerleaders

Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls outfit is $250 with top double borders, shorts, and leg warmers.  Rhinestones, Patch for top included.

Any Size from xxsmall to xlarge.  Please add a note to seller at checkout if you want a different team outfit and colors.

Belly chain not included.  This is made with the best fabric handmade 20% Spandex 80% Nylon 4 way stretch.

Hand wash in cold water hang dry.

Available Fabric by Color with Name for Custom Orders

Just add your color choices in “note to seller” at checkout at any of my websites stating the color(s) trim & main for your outfit(s).  If the colors are not available in the dropdown menu.   I will ignore the dropdown color and use your note to seller for your colors.  You will have to choose any color from dropdown menu for the order to process correctly and not all colors are listed in dropdown.

Regular 4 way Stretch Spandex Enlarge to see color names
Net Spandex. Enlarge to see color names. The net is see-thru.
Regular Spandex Click to enlarge & see colors

Pink neon leopard spandex 

Light Purple


Yaya Han specialty metallic spandex high end fabric 2way stretch

Left to right-Gold sequins lace, Mint Metallic, Black & Silver Poca Dot, Metallic Turquoise, Metallic Leopard, Metallic Tangerine, Metallic Royal Blue, White Metallic, Metallic red, M. Zebra pink & orange, Yaya Han Sea shell blue.
Top to bottom. Regular spandex. Aqua, Purple, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Neon Green, Neon Orange
Regular 4way stretch spandex -Charcoal, Rust, Purple.
Rust 4 way stretch spandex


Purple stretch Lace.


Spandex Emerald




Yaya Han specialty fabric turquoise blue sea shell 4way stretch metallic spandex.


Exotic Wear Stripper. Quad Thong Set Strippers Favorite $138

Buy Now(Add to Cart) SCROLL

If this checkout doesn’t work for any reason the outfit is also on my Etsy website w/Etsy checkouts that may be easier to process here.


Model Cristal Kinky


Tijana Mandick
Cristal Kinky Model

Quad thong set hand made.  Choose any color.  Rhinestones or Crystals.  High end 4 way stretch Spandex


$138 Includes Choker, lined 4 strap thong, chains, stones, triangle top



$138 Quad thong set hand made

Hand Made.  Fabric Specifications

What the specifications mean is hand made outfits are made with the best available Spandex on the market.  The weight and 20% Spandex content are what tell the tale when your looking for quality stripper outfits.  If you go thicker than 6.19 oz sq.yd. then your getting into super thick professional football player uniform or scuba diving outfit…too thick for exoticwear.  But if you go thinner then your getting into the crap you buy on Amazon that has no weight to it like micro-fiber and falls apart and does not wear well.  I won’t even work with those inferior fabrics.

Laura Edgar the Seamstress.

Handling time is 1-2 weeks. Plus 3 days for shipping in U.S. International takes longer depending on the country.  Shipping is around $6.50 in U.S.

For VIP Express handling go to this link

Additional Info:

Care Instruction:
Hand wash in cold water, mild detergent and line dry. No bleach, iron or dry clean.  Testing for chlorine/sweat sensitivity prior to garment production is recommended.
80% Nylon, 20% Spandex.
Fabric Weight:
6.19 Oz/Sq Yard, 210 G/Sq Meter, 283 G/Yard
Stretch Direction:
4 Way
Costumes, Dance, Activewear, Swimwear, Skating & Special Occasions.



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Size Charts

Neon Yellow Bra Set (see bra sets in menu at

Ordering Directions for Mixed Sizes and various outfit types

Please add a “note to seller” at checkout with your Bra Size and Hips measurement or Jeans & bra size for perfect sizing.  Then fill out dropdown options as best you can.  I will use the note to seller sizes.

My Mannequin is a perfect large hips 36″ w/medium bust 33″ and small waist 24″.   33-24-36.  If you have your measurements add them in “note to seller” at checkout.  She wears a 34C or 36B or 32D she can wear any of these bras really.

Customized Bra Sets

I need your bra size if your ordering a bra.  Or Cup & Band measurement either will do.  Also I need your hips measurement or hips size. These sizes are usually found in the dropdown menu at checkout.  If not add them in “note to seller” at checkout.  The info the better.

Size Explanations

General U.S. Jr.s Size Chart (dresses & skirt sets)

xxsmall = 000-00

xsmall = 0-1  Women’s size 2

small = 3-5 Women’s size 4

medium 7-9 Women’s size 8

large 11-13 Women’s size 10-12

xlarge 15-17 Women’s size 14-16

xxlarge custom requests

Thongs and Belly Chains, Skirts, U.S. Size for LeatherandLacz/YourStripperOutfits Jrs sizes if you go by women’s sizing it fits in these numbers as well.

Hips (most important measurement)

26″-27″ XXSmall=000-00

28″-29″ XSmall=0-1 (Women’s 2)

30″-31″ Small=3-5 (Women’s 4)

32″-34″Medium=7-9 (W=6-8)

35″-38″ Large=11-13 (W-10-12)

39″-42″xLarge=15-17 (W-14-16)

One Piece Outfits

Be sure to tell me IF you have a short or long waist.  You would know this because one piece bathing suits in your regular size would be either too short for your body or too long depending on your waist length. This matters only in purchase of ONE PIECE or ONESIES.  Your waist size is relevant to me if you order a onesie. So again leave this info in “NOTE TO SELLER” at checkout.


Just use the “Size Explanations” chart above, if your ordering a dress.  Unless you want customizations in which case use messaging system at this link.

Size Conversions

SIZE CONVERSIONS other countries
CANADA 0 2 4- 6 8-10 12 14
USA 0 2 4- 6 8-10 12 14
UK 4 6 8 – 10 12-14 16 18
FRANCE 32 34 36 – 38 40 – 42 44 46
SPAIN 32 34 36 – 38 40-42 44 46
GERMANY 30 32 34 – 36 38-40 42 44
ITALY 36 38 40 – 42 44 – 46 48 50