Care Instructions


Hand wash your outfit hang air dry.  Dryer heat can melt spandex!  Metal chains do not do well in excessive water neither do rhinestones.   Hand wash cold water.   Do not soak for extended lengths of time.  No bleach!  Use mild laundry soap. Do not swim in chlorine or saltwater if your item has metal chain or rhinestones.  Chain will “turn” color in chlorine and salt water.  Rhinestones are not guaranteed if exposed to salt and chlorine.  If outfits are left in the car under excessive sunshine or temperatures in excess of 120 degrees you may encounter some fabric “sticking” due to glue heating up then cooling down which causes fabric to temporarily stick together in spots.  Do not be afraid to gently pull the sticking fabric back apart it will not harm the outfit in any way nor will it affect the rhinestones.