Available Fabric by Color with Name for Custom Orders

Just add your color choices in “note to seller” at checkout at any of my websites stating the color(s) trim & main for your outfit(s).  If the colors are not available in the dropdown menu.   I will ignore the dropdown color and use your note to seller for your colors.  You will have to choose any color from dropdown menu for the order to process correctly and not all colors are listed in dropdown.

Regular 4 way Stretch Spandex Enlarge to see color names
Net Spandex. Enlarge to see color names. The net is see-thru.
Regular Spandex Click to enlarge & see colors

Pink neon leopard spandex 

Light Purple


Yaya Han specialty metallic spandex high end fabric 2way stretch

Left to right-Gold sequins lace, Mint Metallic, Black & Silver Poca Dot, Metallic Turquoise, Metallic Leopard, Metallic Tangerine, Metallic Royal Blue, White Metallic, Metallic red, M. Zebra pink & orange, Yaya Han Sea shell blue.
Top to bottom. Regular spandex. Aqua, Purple, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Neon Green, Neon Orange
Regular 4way stretch spandex -Charcoal, Rust, Purple.
Rust 4 way stretch spandex


Purple stretch Lace.


Spandex Emerald




Yaya Han specialty fabric turquoise blue sea shell 4way stretch metallic spandex.