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CLICK ANY LINK TO SEE MORE STYLES & COLORS.   Each menu item below has many different designs only one is shown here.

Quality Guarantee-All thongs are lined.  All outfits are hand made custom designs made with the highest quality spandex 4 way stretch fabric prewashed to remove chemical sizing.  Returns & Exchanges are welcome.

 I use Spandex World & Sy Fabrics. I use 4 way stretch.  Excepting some stain spandex is 2 way stretch.   If you want to choose your own fabric go to those websites and send me a photo of fabric.  Message me for answer in 24 hours at That's my message board on my Etsy website.  I generally answer all messages(unless they are spam).

All the Outfits at

  1.  Bra Sets
Hot Pink Bra Set Available at

2. Clearance Section

3. Booty/Boy Shorts Sets  

Hi waist scrunch butt/crop top see thru & thong-Red
Draping Cowl Neck & Boy Shorts Neon Orange comes in any color.

5.Bikini Scrunch Butt

Full bottom scrunch butt. Beaded with triangle top hand made exoticwear. Neon Green

4.Black Outfits Only


6. Crop Top Thong Sets

Hot Pink Crop Top w/Hour glass hole and spider thong, rhinestones.
This is a see thru crop top with authentic crystals studded backs not glued. With a simple thong. All thongs are lined of coarse.

7. Cage Outfits

4 way stretch, lined thong, metal chains, applique studs sewn & glued.

Click to see all the fetish-cage-outfits/designs

8.  Hoodies Sets Stripper Exoticwear

This Hoodie excels above any you can buy online…the fabric is the absolute best available spandex and net. The seams are double, triple and more. This is the seamstress & designers #2 recommendation.

9.  Quad Thong Sets

10. Onesies (One Piece Outfits w/thong)

Onesies. Belly Chain sold separately in Jewelry section.

11.  Jewelry Belly Chains

Jewelry and belly chains. Hips Chains. Belly Chains sold separate from outfits.

12.  Sling Shot Sets

13.  Thong Sets Simple

14.  Tube Top Sets

15.  Ties on the Side Sets

Seamstress’s Favorite Design. The photos don’t do this outfit justice. Any I generally make the ties longer than shown here. I recommend this outfit. Click to see more colors.



16.  Pure Gold Outfits